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Wellington Farm, USA 2018

Wellington Farm, USA is a treasury of beauty and new life in the Spring 
     A visit to Wellington Farm during the Spring is a thrilling experience.  The Nature Trails through the beech/maple forest are paved with spring beauties and hepatica.  All about the forest floor Bracken Fern, Cinnamon Fern and Forest Fern push their fiddleheads through the thick carpet of last summer's leaves.  Sprinkled about are the bright yellow blossoms of the Trout Lily or Adder's Tongue.  Announcing their presence with a splash of white are the Trillium and the Dutchmen's Britches.  The meadows and fields are splashed with the color of the Buttercup, Devil's Paintbrush, Indian Paintbrush, Dog Fennel and Daisy.  And, for those who look close among the grasses and bushes surrounding the 22 buildings of the complex, you may catch a glimpse of a Lady Slipper of a Jack-in-the-pulpit.
     Spring also welcomes the return of the birds who left last Fall for warmer climates.  Robins, Tree Swallows and Bluebirds take up residence in the bird houses and available building rafters.   High in the trees are new nests of Rose Breasted Grosebeak, Indigo Buntings and American Redstarts.  Lower down, in the bushes new homes are being built by Chipping Sparrows, Verios and Warblers.   In total, over 100 birds have been identified in the forests and fields of Wellington Farm.
     All about the areas of flowers are bees, butterflies and humming birds searching for nectar for a sweet dinner or the manufacture of honey.  Soon they will be joined by Sphinx Moth, Yellow Skippers and a variety of Swallowtails.  Enjoy the thrill of Spring at Wellington Farm on your own or join one of our Nature Hikes led by a trained natural heritage interpreter.
Breakfast Time
Hungry baby Robins anxiously await the return of Mother Robin with a juicy worm
Welcome to Spring
Adder Tongues of Trout Lilys are plentyful upon the forest floor
Feasting on Nectar
A Silver Spotted Fritillary catching a bite to eat on a lilac blossoom,
Dutchman's Britches
A splash of green and white against the brown leaves are a sure sign of Spring at Wellington Farm.
Spring Has Arrived.
One of the first things to appear after the departure of the snow is the Cinnamon Fern.

Wellington Farm
"Where It's Always 1932"
6944 S. Military Road ** Grayling, MI 49738

Wellington Farm Park is an excellent place for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Company Picnics, Business Meetings or any other group outing.  Please consider allowing us to host your next event!  Call 989 348 5187 today, or email welfar32@gmail.com