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Wellington Farm, USA 2018

     We are pleased to be able to report that all the code issues involving the Stittsville Church Restoration Project are now behind us.  Much restoration work has been completed.  All of the siding has been replaced or repaired, the base of the bell tower has been rebuilt, a new roof has been put on and the entire church painted.  A temporary occupancy permit has been obtained so farm visitors can now enter the church a view the interior exhibits.  Very soon, work will begin on the reconstruction of the top of the bell tower.  It is our goal to have the outside of the church completed for the candlelight service scheduled for December 21, 2008.  As is always the case, the only thing that might prevent us from reaching that goal is lack of money and manpower.

The Stittsville Church - Old Look
May 18, 2005

The Stittsville Church - New Look
May 18, 2008

The Stittsville Church
December 21, 2008


     Here is an event that you most certainly will NOT want to miss.  We cannot tell you when it will happen, but we are pretty sure it will take place sometime between today and October 31.  Some time, in the very near future, a big crane will come to Wellington Farm, USA and lift the two new sections of the Bell Tower, and the bell, to the top of the Stittsville Church.  That will do two things,  It will increase the height of the church some 26 feet, and, it will complete the restoration of the out side of the building.  For the first time in 60 years, the church will stand as proudly as it did when it was dedicated in the 1880's.  We will try to get the word out as quickly as we can so that you can come at watch this historic event.

The two sections of the bell tower which will be lifed and placed on top ot the existing tower.
Volunteer John Hahn who has faithfully been on the job all summer to prepare the bell tower sections

Tis Done!!!!! The tower and bell were lifted to the top of the church on Friday, November 6.  Our thanks to Loshaw Crane, 4 Mile Welding and Ron and John.  Basically, the outside of the church is now restored!

The Stittsville Church
The bell tower is up! The church has not looked like this since the 1950's

9&10 News

     The Stittsville Church presents a most wonderful and unique setting for a wedding.  The church is now available for weddings, lectures, programs, meetings and other social gatherings.  Other amenities can be added to the program package and the staff and management of Wellington Farm, USA are willing and capable of meeting your every need.  To Reserve the Stittsville Church for your next event call 989 529 7331.  Don't delay.  We are already booking weddings for 2018 and 2019! 

A Winter Wedding
The bride and groom after their wedding ceremony in December, 2008

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Wellington Farm, USA Continues to

Forge Ahead on the 

Stittsville Church Project

Donations GREATLY Appreciated

Restoration work on the church has been taking place at the park since the day the church arrived in May of 2005. 

To date, our biggest job was to make certain that the roof of the church was repaired in time for - and would hold up through - a Northern Michigan winter. (Completed - October 2007)

We have a planned list of restoration activities that we have targeted for completion throughout our 2007 operational year. 

  • Attaching front steps and handrails (Completed - 2006)
  • Switching the location and repairs to 1 window & 1 door(Completed - 2007)
  • Build/attach a deck to the church(Completed - 2007)
  • Prep and painting of entire exterior of the church(Completed - 2007)
  • Steeple restoration

We continue to move forward with long-range plans towards Phase II of the Stittsville Church Project.  This includes installation of public restroom facilities, construction of an educational facility/community room adjacent to the church, and offset continued restoration expenses.  The conclusion of Phase II will be the installation of a Tranquility Garden surrounding the outer landscape of the church.

Wellington Farm, USA continues to rely heavily on the generosity of our surrounding communities. 

Donations of volunteer time, skilled trades, materials, or cash for the Stittsville Church Project can be forwarded to Wellington Farm, USA, 6771 S. Military Road, Grayling, MI  49738.  Check with your tax preparer for donation-related tax deductions.

December 21, 2008
Red stained glass windows have been restored

Wellington Farm
"Where It's Always 1932"
6944 S. Military Road ** Grayling, MI 49738

Wellington Farm Park is an excellent place for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Company Picnics, Business Meetings or any other group outing.  Please consider allowing us to host your next event!  Call 989 348 5187 today, or email