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Wellington Farm

"Where It's Always 1932"
Experience the past at a
Historic Working Farm Community

Frick engine by the new livestock barn

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Wellington Farm Now Taking Reservations for 2014 and 2015 Weddings, Picnics, Family Reunions, Bus Tours and School Trips
Wellington Farm is now accepting reservations for Employee Picnics, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, School Field Trips and Weddings.  If you are looking for a place to hold such an event, you might like to call 989 348 5187 and make arrangements to come out and look over the facilities offered and talk about costs and other arrangements.  

Wellington Farm is an excellent opportunity for later elementary and middle school field trips.  The farm has a structured educational program for grades 3 through 8 dealing with history, nature study, forestry, environmental science and agriculture.  For more information, or to make your reservations call 989 348 5187f no one answers, please leave your name and a contact number and some one will call you back.  Wellington Farm is now closed for the season but we do check the phone on a regular basis.  The Farm will open for the 2014 season in mid-May but we begin taking school groups in April.  Another option is to leave a message in our guest book here on our website.

Welcome Mat

Welcome to Wellington!

Wellington Farm sends visitors back to a time when rural American folk suffered through the Great Depression. Rather than a mausoleum of toil and despair, our 60-acre interpretive farm museum exhibits the tools of our forbears' success and the fruits of their great ingenuity. Enjoy the fresh air and breathe in an educational experience unique to the Northern Michigan countryside.

Our museum provides a comprehensive, firsthand experience with the history and heritage straight from the heartland. It includes:
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Grist Mill
  • The Stittsville Church
  • Sawmill
  • Loom House
  • Carpenter's Shop
  • Machine Shed
  • Livestock Barn
  • Summer Kitchen
  • Broom Shop
  • Basket Maker's Shop

  • All of these buildings are fully functioning and often in operation. During the farm tour, volunteers dressed in Depression-era clothing foster an interactive learning experience by not only demonstrating the methods of production, but also by engaging visitors in discussion about the ins and outs of rural life in the early 20th century.

    We recently added the Perry Lamkin Historic Display to the museum. It features artifacts that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

    You can also take advantage of Northern Michigan's beautiful outdoors by exploring our endless nature trails. Then relax at our pavilion or enjoy an Amish baked pastry or two at the Visitor's Center, which offers amenities that are more modern.

    A synthesis of outdoor recreation and education, Wellington Farm is an essential stop when traveling through Michigan. The picturesque landscape is a perfect setting for adventures of both body and mind. Plus, mere photographs alone cannot do justice to one of the most significant periods of American history. We've preserved the past; now you can live it.

    It is the mission of Wellington Farm, USA to provide an interactive, educational opportunity for visitors to experience life as it was in rural mid-America during The Great Depression.  A vital component of our mission is to stress the importance of our natural resources, highlighting the wonders of our beautiful Northern Michigan surroundings and detailing the ecology of the beech/maple forest.
    Wellington Farm, USA was a farming community in the southwest corner of Crawford County, Michigan.  It existed officially from 1881 until 1918, that being the period of time when the post office was in operation.  The Wellington Post Office had possibly 8 different sites, and Wellington Farm, USA is located near one of these sites.
    One of the very early settlers was Wellington Batterson.  He homesteaded in the area in 1878.  In 1879, when Crawford County was organized, he assumed the duty of Judge.  He was later elected Judge of Probate, a title that he held for many years.  It is likely that the post office and the community were named for Judge Batterson.
    In 1910, Judge Batterson was instrumental in a publication designed to stimulate interest in farming in Crawford County.  It was hoped that this publication would entice immigrants to come to the area and take up farming.  The most profitable cash crops at the time were clover seed and potatoes.
    In 1918, the duties of the Wellington Post Office were taken over by the nearby City of Grayling, MI and slowly the community of Wellington began to disappear.  A few of the old homes and farm buildings still exist, but most of what was once a bustling farming community is now gone.
    Wellington Farm, USA is the creation of a local resident who, by his own admission, was born more years ago than he'd like to admit on a farm in northwest lower Michigan.  The only son of a farmer and a school teacher, Howard Taylor earned degrees from both Central Michigan University and Michigan State University.  He began a 30-year career in education, teaching music and theatre.
    Upon his retirement from teaching, Howard began creating a living history farm in Crawford County near Grayling, MI.  Discovering some of the aforementioned history of the area, Taylor began researching material and developing interpretive and educational stories and presentations to entertain visitors to the park.  An avid collector of farm equipment, he expanded his collection to include authentic buildings.
    Taylor's wife, Gloria, urged him to combine his passions into the current Wellington Farm, USA.  In 1996 the "doors" were opened to the public and tours of the facility were offered complete to every historical detail acknowledged in the buildings, dress, and storytelling enjoyed by those who experience the park.

    Just a few of the "smilin' faces" waiting to meet you at
    Wellington Farm, USA
    "Where It's Always 1932"
    Wellington Farm, USA
    "Where It's Always 1932"
    6940 S. Military Road
    Grayling, MI  49738
    989 348 5187





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    Wellington Farm
    "Where It's Always 1932"
    6944 S. Military Road ** Grayling, MI 49738

    Wellington Farm Park is an excellent place for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Company Picnics, Business Meetings or any other group outing.  Please consider allowing us to host your next event!  Call 989 348 5187 today, or email welfar32@gmail.com